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Pectin and agar – organic health formula

Marshmallow is one of the most pectin- inclusive desserts. Pectin is the food ingredient which has numerous useful properties, however one of the most important lies in its ability to stabilize metabolism. Besides, it can decrease the level of cholesterol in blood, improve intestinal motility and peripheral blood circulation. Another valuable property of pectin is the ability to clean human organism from toxins (radioactive elements, pesticides and ions of toxic metals). For this reason many healthcare specialists call pectin «organism aid-man».


Jaco marshmallow – the best present!

Delicate taste and health benefit!



Advanced equipment


Bring healthy and useful joy of live

environmental friendliness

We use natural raw materials


Sweet without harm to health


Our employees are our main value


Control throughout all stages

The main secret of Jaco

we love what we do

Our marshmallow is produced according to the unique reсipe, which has no analogues. Owing to the modern equipment and strict control throughout all production stages, we derive high-quality product, which is deservedly in demand both in Ukraine, Europe and around the world.

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Responsibility and quality throughout all aspects of our activities

Hi-tech equipment and organization

Our employees are our main value!

Only natural and ecologically clean raw materials. No GMO

We produce marshmallow, muffins and milk souffle candies

We produce marshmallow, muffins and milk souffle candies


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