About zefir

Про зефір

We were not the ones who have invented zefir, but we are the first ones in Ukraine who make it professionally and in a specific way!

We fill it with sugary smiles, dreamy clouds, warm hugs, fabulous kisses and to make it softer we add pectin which is made of apples! This component keeps all these airy-fairy ingredients together lest they scatter all around above the ground! Besides pectin has some useful properties – it facilitates metabolism. That’s why you feel so delighted when you keep “Jaco” dessert in your hands or in your tummy!

We know everything about pleasure because we distinguish hundreds of shades of delight. We know the places where snow-white castles of dreams are hiding among chocolate lakes with butterflies flowing in the air nearby and where the sun is always smiling! We combined this smile with the ingredient of a special lightness which is called agar-agar (seaweed extract) and shaped our zefir “Smile” which is so light, soft and always smiling!

While producing traditional confectionary we are always open to new. This tireless creativity inspires us and our consumers to experiments, discoveries and new senses of enjoyment. That is why our consumers can count on consistent quality and excellent taste even when they take our newly released product with yet unknown taste!